Introducing LightCMS Professionals

Making beautiful, creative websites accessible to everyone is a primary goal of LightCMS. With built-in designs and our easy-to-use design editor, thousands of customers set up fantastic websites on their own. But sometimes our customers are looking for a little something extra, from assistance with the set up process to full-scale custom website design. The LightCMS Professionals Program aims to connect our customers with experienced LightCMS designers who can provide them with the services they need.

Get the Help You Need

Now you can easily find an experienced LightCMS designer to assist you with your LightCMS project. Every LightCMS Professional has proven their experience with our platform. Browse through our Professionals listing and you'll be able to see examples of each Professional's work, their price range, location and more. When you find a Professional you'd like to work with, simply click the contact button on their listing, fill out the form, and we'll send your details to them immediately. Contacting a Professional doesn't obligate you to anything. The Professional will simply get in touch to discuss your project, answer your questions, and offer a proposal. Then, you get to decide if you wish to proceed.

Custom Design or LightCMS Setup

Currently, LightCMS Professionals offer two types of services. The first is Custom Design, which can include a range of services that vary by provider. Some Professionals may offer fixed-price Custom Design packages while other may charge by the hour. Each Professional will be able to provide details about their Custom Design services. In any case, Custom Design provides you the opportunity to get a beautiful and world-class look that's tailored to meet your needs.

The second service Professionals can choose to offer is called LightCMS Setup. Setup is a fantastic, time-saving service offered at a fixed price of $500. LightCMS Setup takes care of all the details of setting up your LightCMS website such as applying a built-in design, tailoring it to your brand with the Design Editor, adjusting settings for your website and store, and even building out your home page content. You can see if a Professional offers LightCMS Setup by looking at their Professionals listing.

Become a Professional

If you're an experienced LightCMS designer who would like to offer your services to LightCMS customers, you can apply to the LightCMS Professionals program as well. Simply visit our Professionals page to get the details and to complete the application form.