Interface improvements scheduled – customize your toolbar colors now

A few weeks ago, we announced major interface and branding improvements coming to LightCMS. In case you missed the details, be sure to check out our original feature upgrade post here. We’re getting close to the launch of these new features and we wanted to give you an update on a few things.

First, we’re setting a tentative launch date of Thursday, June 17th for these interface changes to go live across the system. Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter feed for updates on this launch as the time nears.

Second, we want to give you the opportunity to customize the colors of the new toolbar for your clients before these changes go live.

Customize your toolbar colors now

The functionality allowing you to customize your toolbar colors is already live inside your account. As the account owner, you are the only one who can access these tools (your clients can’t see them). Since the new toolbar isn’t yet visible to your clients, the changes you make to your toolbar colors now won’t have any effect on your client websites immediately. However, they will affect the toolbar colors all of your clients see when we roll out the new interface changes across the system later.

To access the tools, log in to your account and click “My Account” on the top toolbar, then click “Account Settings” on the submenu. Find the section labeled “Top toolbar colors” (pictured below) and follow the instructions. You can select one of our pre-defined color palettes or specify your own custom color options. The image below shows you what this looks like (clicking on one of the custom hex codes will load a handy color picker tool).


The choice is yours

You don’t have to customize your toolbar colors. If you don’t, we’ll implement our default "gray" color scheme on the new toolbar we roll out in a couple of weeks. It’ll all work out just fine. However, the new customization capabilities of the toolbar offer you a great opportunity to tie the CMS even more closely to your brand. So, we know that many of you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to set your own color scheme, and that’s why we’re giving you a window of time here to set things up before we take the new toolbar live.

Remember, no more admin templates

This is covered in detail on our original blog post, but just a quick reminder that once we launch the interface improvements in a couple of weeks, the system will no longer use the admin templates associated with your designs. This means you no longer need to include an admin.html file when adding a design to LightCMS. Adding designs to the system just got that much simpler.

What about the login template?

We’ve had a few people ask about what template will be used on a website’s built-in login page (/login) if the admin.html template is no longer used. Here’s how it will work:

By default, the system will use the default template of the website as the login page template (the default template is typically the “inside.html” template, but it can be set to anything under “My Website -> Settings”). However, if you wish to further customize the /login page, you can add a “login.html” file to your design and the system will use that template instead of the website’s default template. This approach ensures that the /login page works out of the box, while still giving the option for customizability through a dedicated login template.

If you have any questions about these improvements, please just let us know. You can leave us a comment below, post a message on our forum, or email our web concierge team at