How I Got Started: Royce Butler, Fishbowl Studio

We love to highlight the stories of LightCMS customers, so in this post we're going to hear from Royce Butler of Fishbowl Studio. Royce is a silver level reseller of LightCMS and he runs a successful media and design studio. For this post, we asked Royce one simple question — "How did you get started?" Royce gave a simple answer — "I was kicked out of the nest." Read on to find out more.

Royce didn’t start out the way many web creatives hope to, but like many others he had an opportunity forced on him at a critical moment and he went with it. Read how Fishbowl Studios got started in Royce’s own words.

“You've probably heard this same story many times. Well, it happened to me as well. I wanted to start my own business for years. I had been planning for it and saving for it, but the time was just not right, at least not from my "fear factor" viewpoint.

"I worked at in-house design departments and advertising agencies beginning in 1986.  In 1989, I took a year off and went back to graduate school at the University of North Texas, where I began the study of computer graphics. During that time I also taught an introduction to computer graphics class for undergraduate students. However, I discovered I couldn't afford the program and decided to go back to the advertising agency world. Because of my interest in computer graphics, I began to study the internet, its beginning growth, and its potential for marketing.  I determined this would be a very advantageous direction to go in order to achieve my goal of starting my own business.

"I began to study everything I could about the internet. Those in the agency I worked for became aware of my interest. One day one of the account executives asked me if I was interested in taking an HTML class given by his wife at a school in Dallas. Of course I was! Within a few months I was building websites on the side. Soon I moved to a new job working for a multimedia firm in North Dallas.

"At the multimedia firm, I was getting a huge amount of experience and knowledge of multimedia and the internet. But I just didn't think I was ready to go out on my own. Maybe another couple of years and then I would make the move. Well, my plans changed when I returned from a vacation to discover that my position was terminated. I knew it was time. So I jumped on the phone and started calling everyone I knew, telling them I was ready to take on projects. Within a month, my schedule was full and Fishbowl Studio was on its way. Thirteen years later, we are still going strong and have some very exciting plans for helping our clients with the newest marketing opportunities being provided by the internet."

Thanks to Royce for sharing his inspirational story with us. I’m sure he’s not the only LightCMS customer with an interesting story to tell. We'd love to hear your stories about how you got started or anything else. If you'd like to share your story and possibly be featured on the LightCMS blog, please let me know. You can contact me, Stacey, at