Have you considered our Shine the Light! program?

About a year ago, we began a program called Shine the Light!, a philanthropic effort that encourages designers to donate their design services to non-profits. Through the program, designers can choose non-profits to which they donate their design services, and we come alongside them to donate free CMS hosting. We've worked with many of our designers to benefit non-profits through this program.

If you are a LightCMS Rewards member (generating $100 or more per month in monthly LightCMS revenue), then the rules for engaging with Shine the Light! are easy:

  1. Choose a non-profit organization (preferably one local to you).
  2. Donate your time and design skills to build their website on our system. 
  3. Fill out our Shine the Light! form to request an upgrade of their website to the package level of your/their choice.
  4. We activate the site for twelve months at the service level of your choosing free of charge.

When you partner with us to help a non-profit organization, you're doing much more than simply building a free website. You're helping that non-profit convey its message. And that, ultimately, is helping everyone who is a beneficiary of that organization. As an added benefit, and to encourage community participation, we will contact anyone who participates in the Shine the Light! program and offer to post a case study that highlights their work. While we realize that you didn't donate a website to make yourself look good, we believe that the increased visibility of your donation will fuel the public interest in this program and in the non-profits that benefit from it.

So do you know of a non-profit organization that could use a better website? Check out our official Shine the Light! and Rewards pages for more information.