Groopt Empowers Member-Based Organizations with LightCMS

Information is critical to member-based organizations such as non-profits, church and civic groups, fraternities and sororities and others, yet they typically struggle with data scattered across multiple desktop and web applications. This is exactly the challenge that LightCMS developer, Groopt, is aimed at overcoming with its cloud and mobile-based platform that provides a simple, all-in-one solution for payments and event registrations, as well as data collection and membership tracking. More than 250,000 members in thousands of groups around the world already rely on Groopt solutions.

Groopt’s ideals of simplicity and functionally are what led the entrepreneurial company to seek an alternative for its outdated CMS solution that was difficult to use, required frequent troubleshooting and lacked the long-term viability that Groopt needed to scale its business. Groopt ultimately selected the LightCMS Developer Program over other CMS offerings they evaluated such as, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, to serve as the website component of its offerings to its customers.

A ‘Night and Day” Improvement

Groopt has already migrated the majority of its web clients from its previous web platform to LightCMS and is reselling the platform under the white-label brand name of LoyalCMS. The LoyalCMS platform is available to Groopt’s new and existing clients who want to build their own websites with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and online store capabilities, including unlimited product capacity and multi-website management under a single account. Groopt is also able to offer its clients top-tier web hosting and responsive web design capabilities that come as part of the LoyalCMS platform.

Ease of Maintenance for Groopt and Clients

While Groopt clients benefit with attractive and feature-rich websites that enable easy self-service, Groopt is spared from its previous chores of managing and troubleshooting issues with its old web platform because the LightCMS Developer Program does it all for them.

“We’re extremely impressed with how turnkey and automated the LightCMS Developer Program is,” said Patrick Allen, Founder and CEO of Groopt. “The simplicity of LightCMS makes it very easy to support. We’re very confident we can put our LoyalCMS brand name behind the platform and have been beyond pleased in working with LightCMS.”

Check out the video below to learn how LightCMS’s Developer Program can help support and grow your business.



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