Grant Access to Designs with the New Developer Role

Another phase of our design area enhancement is rolling out this week. The Developer Role will allow LightCMS account owners to grant design-management capabilities to other users of their website. Businesses and organizations will be able to allow multiple staff members to have access to design controls. In addition, resellers can grant design access to clients, if they so choose.

The role can only be assigned by account owners. To apply it, account owners may simply visit a user's profile and check the box next to "Developers" under the roles section.

Account Owners see the option to assign users to the Developer Role on their profiles.

Admin users will be able to see which users have the developer role, but will not be able to assign or unassign the role, unless they are the account owner.

Administrators see if a user is assigned to the Developer Role, but they cannot change the setting.

Enabling the Developer Role allows a user to see and select the "Design" section on the top toolbar and access the Collection of designs applied to their website as well as our Design Gallery of available free designs. They may also edit designs using the Design Editor (if the designs are enabled for editing) or using the Source Editor. They can also upload new designs and they get FTP access to the "Templates" directory, which contains the source files for all designs in the website's collection.

This new feature is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.