Get Your Own Web Designers are Sexy T-Shirt and More On the All-New LightCMS Store

A few years back, in preparation for our first visit to SXSW, we came up with our very first "Web Designers are Sexy" T-shirt. It was a simple concept, designed to express LightCMS's true affinity for web designers. After all, it is, in our humble opinion, the world's best CMS for said web designers.

We gave these shirts away at SXSW and we were overwhelmed with their popularity. We printed more shirts and continued to give them away at conferences and through various promotions on Twitter and Facebook. A year or so later, we developed a new version of the shirt, which was met with even more demand. Over the years, we've even compiled a photo gallery featuring pictures of our followers wearing their Web Designers are Sexy shirts.

Thus far, the only way to acquire one of these shirts has been to receive it through one of our various promotions. But now, you can acquire your very own Web Designers are Sexy shirt through the brand new, LightCMS Store.

Many Exclusive Shirts Available on the LightCMS Store

In addition to our two Web Designers are Sexy options, we're making all of our exclusive company shirts available for purchase on the LightCMS store. Every quarter, one of our own designers creates an original shirt design which we have printed for our employees. We're opening up the remaining inventory on all of these shirts. Take a look at all of the possibilities here on the site. You'll be the envy of all your encounter sporting one of these delightful, unique designs. And, of course, our shirts make excellent Christmas gifts.

Just One Question ... Why?

Good question. One reason we created the LightCMS Store is to ensure that we are using our own recently-released e-commerce solution in a live application. Of course, we also wanted a way to make our Web Designers are Sexy shirts more widely available and, while we were at it, we figured we might as well make all our shirt designs available as well. Oh, and it was also fun to get everyone up here to put on a different shirt and take some photos. All good reasons to start a store, I think.

So, take a look at the all-new LightCMS Store. The design you'll see is actually one of our free, built-in e-commerce templates, with some modifications made by our design team. We offer free shipping on all orders in the USA with reasonable International rates as well. But hurry, because quantities and sizes on all shirts are limited.