Five Reasons to Take Your Store Online

It's a common belief among many small businesses that online stores are for big companies with global markets. Selling online, they think, doesn't apply to the little guy. That's a misconception that may be keeping your business from growing to its full capacity.

Five Reasons to Take Your Store Online running on LightCMS

In fact, there are many reasons to move your store online, no matter the size of your business. If your company still hasn't taken its first step toward online sales, here are five reasons why it should… and quickly.

1. Reach New Customers

How much more could you sell if you could reach customers across America or around the world? Online selling means you can. What if all those customers could purchase from you at any time? Online selling makes all of this possible, opening your business to more customers and purchases than ever before.

2. Give Local Customers a Convenient Alternative

People love convenience and there's nothing more convenient than a Web browser and online shopping cart. Even your regulars may get tired trekking out to your store, especially if they're older, ill, or just don't want to brave the bad weather. With the rising price of gas, and the constant shortage of time, more of your loyal customers might appreciate being able to buy from the comfort of their own home.

3. Get a Competitive Edge

Ecommerce can be a competitive feature for smaller stores in local markets. It can also give a small seller a leg up on the giant retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Supporting small and local businesses has become a popular movement so your customers may welcome the chance to buy from your Website rather than the big guys.

4. Look Bigger Than You Are

By establishing a professional website complete with an online store, companies can give the impression of a larger organization. It's not uncommon to find an online firm that looks as though it employs hundreds but actually has just three or four employees. A well-designed, inviting Web site with shopping cart functionality can make your business look like a big league player.

5. Build Your Brand Image

Creating a Web presence allows a company to tell its story to consumers with photos, videos, blog posts, case studies, and management bios. You can share your firm's history, philosophy, ethics, community involvement, employee culture – all of this can help bring your brand to life. When you combine these standard web content features with the power of an online store, your brand becomes far more than just a local player in a local market.

Creating an online store is not only a valuable step for virtually any business with products to sell, it's also much easier than you might think. Using a cloud-based, inexpensive and user-friendly content management system like LightCMS, a store owner can quickly create a website and add photos, slideshows, forms, downloadable documents, product listings and a shopping cart with secure payment options. Tools that were previously available only to large corporations are now within the reach of most any retail business. Why not take advantage of all that online selling has to offer?