The Revolutionary CMS Platform

No other CMS software gives you so much while keeping things so simple. With LightCMS, anyone can build an incredible website with amazing design, fantastic features, and even an online store.


Website Designs That Look Great on Any Device

LightCMS includes a huge selection of CMS website designs that automatically adapt to look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can customize them yourself with our incredible Design Editor.

Advanced users can bypass our built-in CMS website editor and go right to the code, creating custom website masterpieces with HTML, CSS, and Javascript standards.

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Website Tools That Work How They Should

Why do most CMS website software platforms make you navigate a complex set of controls to get at the content you want to edit? LightCMS believes there's a better way. With our CMS software, you browse your site naturally, adding and editing content in its place, right on the page.

LightCMS offers everything your CMS website needs, including blogs, calendars, forms, photo galleries, file management, media, and much more -- there's even an entire online store solution built right in -- all wrapped up in a beautiful CMS software package that’s a joy to use.

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A Fully-Functional Online Store

LightCMS combines its full range of website elements with a complete e-commerce software solution, creating a set of CMS features unmatched by any other product. Now you can easily create a website and an online store.

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Reliable CMS Hosting without the Hassles

There's no CMS software to install and no servers to maintain. With LightCMS, we take care of the technical stuff so you don't have to.

Fully Redundant & Secure
Always Up-To-Date
24 Hour Monitoring

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User Registration and Profiles

Easily allow your customers to register as a user on your website and create a profile in your online store. Do you need a members-only area of your website? Simply enable user registration and set appropriate permission levels.

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Store users
  • Enhanced user profiles

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