Fall Kickoff: photo gallery enhancements and time zone offsets are live

The game is underway and new plays are live. After much demand, we are excited to launch a new enhancement to the photo gallery slideshow mode and add time zone offsets to LightCMS.

Add linking images to your slideshow

LightCMS users have always enjoyed the presentation of the rotating images and the easy upload tools of the Photo Gallery. Now you can also have linking images. Simply upload your images to the Photo Gallery element, and then set your photo gallery setting to slideshow mode and set your preferences as normal. To apply a link to an image, click on the Add/Remove Photos from the Photo Gallery element dropdown menu, then select click on the Edit link below an image, and add the url to link the image. You can also choose for the link to open in a new window by selecting the Open link in a new window option under the link (see below).

After your images are loaded and slideshow settings put in place, each image will rotate with the timed slideshow, or your users can use the new navigation arrows to manually click through the images. It's that simple.

How to set your time zone?

LightCMS users across the world can now set their local time zone in the Website Settings.  To modify the Time Zone settings for each website, login to your account and click on Settings under the My Website dropdown menu in the admin toolbar.  You will see the option for time zone settings and you can select from the drop down menu the proper time zone. This setting will have your blog posts and calendar events show at the correct time.


If you have questions, please feel free to leave us a comment, contact support, or post to our LightCMS user forum. Plus, be sure to stay tuned to our blog and our twitter feed for more updates as part of the Fall kickoff!