Fall Kickoff: photo gallery enhancements and time zone offsets

Well, the game is underway and this week we're running another great play. Tomorrow morning (Thursday, October 7th), we'll be rolling out a couple of new features that have been highly requested by our users.

Linked images and navigation buttons in photo gallery slideshow

Our photo gallery slideshow skin lets you create a beautiful display of images, one at a time, anywhere on your website. Now you'll be able to assign a URL to images in your slideshow so that the user can click an image and be taken to a new page of your choosing.

Not only that, but we're adding navigation arrows that will appear when any slideshow images is hovered over. The user can use the arrows to move forward and backward through the slideshow images without having to wait for the pre-timed animation to roll.

Time zone offset

Another nice little feature is the ability to assign a time zone to each website. This will allow blog posts and comments to display the properly offset time for your websites and will aid in other areas such as calendar entry where times are pre-populated for you. It will also aid any future features that rely on knowing the localized time for the website.

More to come

We'll post a more detailed tutorial on how to use these features once they are live. So, watch for that in the next couple of days. Also, remember, we're only getting started with the fall kickoff. The game continues in the weeks and months to come so stay tuned to our blog and Twitter feed for details.