Fall Kickoff finale: introducing the Signup element and more

Did you know that the winter solstice, the official start of winter in the northern hemisphere, is actually today, December 21st? When we figured that out, it just made sense to launch our Fall Kickoff finale today. I mean, I know it’s felt like winter for most of us for a while, but according to the scientists, today is the beginning of winter and therefore end of our Fall Kickoff promotion. And, as usual, we’re going out in style with some fantastic new reseller tools.

Introducing the new Signup element

Our overriding goal of helping your web design business succeed has driven us to release some amazing reseller features today. First is the all-new Signup element. This element is only usable by you as a LightCMS account holder. Your clients won’t see it as an option, but you can find it now in the list of available elements and you can add it to any region of any LightCMS website. When you do, we’ll insert full website signup functionality into your site, allowing your customers to sign up for their own websites under your LightCMS account, right from your own website. Here’s a look at the content generated by the Signup element, on our feature demonstrations site, which is using the Northern Light template.


The Signup process is completely private-label. You even have the ability to add your own custom content to our terms of service and customize the welcome emails and confirmation messages that are sent out to those who sign up (find these features on the “advanced” tab of the element’s settings). You can also upload your own design to be used on the website that is created, allowing you to create a truly branded experience for your potential customers as they sign up for websites on your CMS system.

You can choose to be notified by email when new websites are created (and receive the customer’s name, email and phone number in the email) and you can view all of the created websites under the website listing on your “My Account” tab. View the detail page for any website and you’ll even find the customer’s contact information conveniently listed for you. Put it all together and you can see that the new Signup element is designed to help you grow your business by offering potential customers a free demo website while helping you collect and follow up on new leads.

We’re very pleased to bring this functionality to you. It has been requested often by so many of our LightCMS resellers that we know it will be well-used and will open up new opportunities for web designers everywhere.

New, private-label design viewer


The second reseller resource we’re announcing today is a private-label design viewer. This web-based viewer allows you to easily view all of the free designs available through LightCMS and, if you so choose, to share them with your clients as well in a white-label interface. Just point your browser to:


We will continue to keep this resource current as new designs are added or changed.

New default template and LightCMS welcome content

We’ve also changed out the system default template. The default template doesn’t affect you too much, but it is used by default whenever you add a new website to your account (of course, you can change the design used at any time once the website is created). You may also see it if you try to apply a custom design that contains some type of irreconcilable error. The system will load the site in the default template to allow you to continue to edit the site while you correct the design issue. The new system default template is Northern Light.

Additionally, we’ve updated the LightCMS welcome content. If you’ve already set up your LightCMS account, this won’t really affect you, but for those of you who set up new LightCMS accounts from this point forward, we’ve created a much improved welcome site to help get you the information you need quickly and easily. All new LightCMS accounts will have this content loaded onto their first LightCMS website automatically. If you already have your account set up and would like to see what the new welcome content looks like, you can check it out here. Remember, this feature is only for the benefit of the LightCMS account holder and in no way affects your client websites.

Farewell, Fall Kickoff. Hello, new year.

This wraps up our fall features promotion. It’s been a great ride, bringing us the LightCMS network, LightCMS rewards, the LightCMS blog, and the Shine the Light program. We also added FTP secure, email file link notifications in form emails, linked images and navigation for photo gallery slideshows, time zone offsets, version tracking and archiving of design files, non-latin character support, captions in photo galleries, multi-currency donations, and the blogging API (which I am using right now to create this post). Oh, not to mention a ton of behind-the-scenes enhancements and improvements for speed, reliability and to set us up for future development. Plus, the Signup element, design viewer, and default template in today’s release. Put it all together and I’d call it a big score, or a huge win, or some other type of football allusion but I’m ready to put all of that to rest.

Remember, the end of Fall Kickoff doesn’t mean the end of new features. Not in the least. We’re already gearing up for the new year and we’ve got some great plans in store so stay tuned. And, as always, thank you for using LightCMS. We look forward to working with you for years and years to come.