Fall Kickoff: design template version tracking and more

The season rolls on and tonight we're rolling out a handful of new features. Please take a look through what is new and see our notes about maintenance and scheduled downtime below.

Version tracking and archiving for design template files

Oh, yeah. We're excited to bring this one to you. We know many of you spend a lot of time working on design files and your work is about to get a little easier and more secure. With this new feature, the system will automatically archive all save points on all HTML, CSS, and JS template files on every design on every website. So, you can easily roll back to previous versions. Maybe you accidentally make a change that breaks the design and you need to get back to a version that works. Or, maybe you just want to compare between two different versions. Either way, version tracking is here to help. 

The archiving happens automatically every time you save a file either inside our template editing interface or via FTP. To restore, simply select a previous version from the drop down list underneath the template editor.

Non-Latin character support

We're updating our database to offer support for non-Latin characters in all user-editable content areas. You and your clients will now be able to enter content in non-Latin languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic ... etc. The only exception at this point is our form builder, which will not support non-Latin characters just yet, though we do plan to complete that in a future upgrade. Non-Latin characters will be supported in all other areas where you enter content. This has been an often requested feature and we're excited to roll it out.

Captions in Photo Gallery slideshows

Another photo gallery slideshow enhancement is included in this release to compliment the links and navigation buttons we added last time. Now we're adding the ability to overlay a photo's caption on top of the lower portion of the image in slideshow mode. Simply check the "Show captions?" box in your photo gallery slideshow settings. Photo captions can be added from the "Add/Remove Photos" screen.

Scheduled maintenance window and expectations

While our feature upgrades generally do not require system downtime, the non-Latin character portion of this upgrade requires us to make significant changes to the system databases. As a result, we need to schedule a one-hour maintenance window to complete these changes. During this one hour window, we anticipate a period of sporadic service and possible downtime lasting approximately 45 minutes. As a result of these requirements, we are scheduling this upgrade at the period of lowest system usage. Our maintenance window will be Thursday morning, October 22nd from 1am to 2am Central Daylight Time (GMT-5).