Enabling and Disabling Store Features on Your Websites

By now you are likely aware of the LightCMS Store coming on June 8, 2011. If you need a refresher, please see our announcement post from last week.

We're very excited to bring you these new features, but we recognize that some of our customers may want control over whether or not the store features are enabled on their clients' websites. Therefore, we are providing the following options for you when managing store features under your LightCMS account.

Enable and Disable Store Features at Any Time

Following the launch of our store features, account owners will be able to visit Website -> Settings -> Advanced Tab and find the "Store Access" setting. This setting is only visible to account owners and will allow you to enable or disable store features for the website you are managing.

Enable or Disable Store Features on New Websites Created through Sign-Up Elements

We'll also be adding a new setting to the sign-up element. This will allow you to choose whether websites created through your sign-up elements will have store features enabled or disabled at sign-up.

Choosing How You Want Things Set At Launch

When we launch the store on June 8, we will enable store features on all LightCMS websites and we will set all sign-up elements to enable store features. However, we want to provide you with another option. If you would prefer that, at launch, we disable store features on all websites under your account and set all sign-up elements under your account to to disable store features, you can make this election by filling out the form at the following link:


Please submit the information requested at the link above no later than June 6, 2011. If we do not receive a request from you by June 6, we will proceed with enabling store features on all websites and all sign-up elements under your account.

If I Disable Store Features at Launch, Can I Enable Them Later?

Yes. You can enable or disable store features for any website under your account at any time following the launch. You can also change the setting on your sign-up elements at any time after launch. We are simply offering you the choice between having store features enabled or disabled for all websites and sign-up elements initially when we launch the features. Just keep in mind that after the launch, enabling or disabling store features will be a manual process for each individual website and/or sign-up element under your account.