Earn added benefits and cash back with LightCMS Rewards

Yesterday, we launched a brand new program called LightCMS Rewards. This program is designed to reward you with added benefits and even extra profit as you add more and more websites to the LightCMS system.

How does it work?

The program rewards you based on the LightCMS revenue generated by the websites under your account. This revenue counts only the LightCMS base pricing, and not your marked-up profit. You qualify for LightCMS Rewards with as little as $100/month in LightCMS revenue. From there, you promote up through a series of levels and earn added benefits as your revenue stream grows.

You can find out whether you qualify for rewards inside your LightCMS account. Simply login and click on "My Account" on your top toolbar. On the account dashboard, you'll see a section dedicated to rewards over to the right.

If you don't yet qualify for rewards, you'll see an image like the one below, showing you how much more revenue is needed to qualify:

If you do qualify for rewards, you'll see an image like the one below, showing you the level you qualify for and inviting you to enroll in the program:

Just click the sign-up button and you'll be taken to the short enrollment form. It only takes a moment to fill out the form and you're all set. There's no cost at all to join the LightCMS Rewards program.

What are the benefits?

There are lots of great benefits in the program. For a full listing, please see the LightCMS Rewards page on our website. I'll discuss just a few of the benefits here.

Cash back. That's right! Starting at our Gold rewards level, you will earn cash back that will add to the profits you already earn by setting your own pricing on LightCMS. As you move up through the rewards levels, your cash back percentage will continue to increase.

Public listing on the LightCMS network. All rewards levels earn you a listing on our LightCMS network. This is an optional benefit, but it's a great way to gain exposure on the LightCMS website. We promote the network as a place where customers can connect with experienced LightCMS providers to get the services they need. Also, at our Preferred Partner level and above, you're listing will be featured in our partner listing at the top of the network page.

Shine the Light! All rewards levels earn you the opportunity to participate in the Shine the Light! program where we partner with you to donate websites to deserving non-profit organizations in your communities. You provide the design services and we'll donate a LightCMS subscription for a period of one year to a non-profit of your choice.

And much more. There are many, many more benefits of the rewards program. I encourage you to take at look at the full listing and discover the potential as you continue to build your business around LightCMS.

Get started today

If you qualify, be sure to enroll in LightCMS rewards as soon as possible so you can start taking advantage of your benefits. If you don't qualify yet, don't worry. LightCMS Rewards is here to stay. We look forward to seeing you join up very soon.