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No other system comes close to the functionality and flexibility LightCMS offers web designers. Whether you're designing a single site or building a web design business with hundreds of clients, LightCMS has the tools to help you succeed.

"I love how easy it is for my clients to use. I can spend half an hour showing them how it works and they totally get it."

Sean Alsobrooks
Third & Grand

"LightCMS supports its designers with programs like Shine the Light, which let us offer more to our own communities."

Michael Thomas
Leap Logic Creative

"I would like to thank LightCMS for helping us grow our business by leaps and bounds!”

Lisa Washington
New Creation Design

Design How You Want

There are no special languages to learn -- no hoops to jump through. If you can design a site with HTML and CSS standards, you can get your design running on LightCMS in no time. Just drop in a tiny snippet of code wherever you want your users to be able to add or edit content. Our system takes care of the rest. It's that easy.

Get the Help You Need

We have complete and easy-to-understand documentation, a host of resources, and a team of dedicated support professionals ready to assist you. You'll never be on your own when you're using LightCMS.

Use Your Own Tools

We provide direct FTP access, allowing you to manage your design files with the software of your choice. Or, you can use our built in code editor if you prefer.

The LightCMS Developer Program

If you create websites for multiple clients or organizations, the LightCMS Developer Program is for you. Get access to LightCMS's industry-leading reseller tools, plus the opportunity to sell websites to your clients at over 80% off our retail pricing.

Over 80% Off Retail Price
Multi-Website Management
Set Your Pricing & Profit
Gold Level Support

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See How LightCMS Works for Designers Like You

Since adopting the easy-to-use LightCMS platform, UK-based Independent Web Marketing has more than doubled its client base.

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FCA found LightCMS to be a perfect fit with functionality allowing their staff to build and manage hundreds of sites while staying true to the organization's look and feel.

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Based in Nashville, Collision Media specializes in serving churches and non-profits with creative services and visually appealing websites that drive community engagement.

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