Design Editor Demo: Redesigning the LightCMS Store

As you may know, we run our own online store where we sell a selection of T-shirts we've created over the years. This store naturally runs on the LightCMS platform which gives us another great opportunity to use our own software in a real-world setting. We recently decided it was time to redesign the store website. So, we turned to LightCMS's new built-in design editor. Using one of our built-in design themes and tweaking it with the Design Editor, we were able to easily transform the site to match LightCMS's new look and feel.

We even made a little screencast video to demonstrate how we used the Design Editor to make these changes. Hopefully this will provide a little "how-to" guidance as well as some idea sharing about the ways we used the Design Editor in this process. You can watch the video below. Enjoy it, and take a look at the redesigned LightCMS Store site here.