Value Unmatched By Any Other System

We all know there's more to value than just the sticker price. LightCMS delivers value to designers by combining attractive pricing with a system that saves you time and meets the needs of your growing business.

Software as a Service (SaaS) vs. "Host it Yourself"

LightCMS is a SaaS product, meaning you don't have to download and install it on your own server space. The SaaS model is growing rapidly as more and more designers realize the vast savings it can provide.



  • Get quality hosting included for free
  • Start using the software immediately
  • Enjoy upgrades added for you behind-the-scenes
  • Relax — your data is backed up and secure
  • Add new websites in minutes

Host it Yourself

  • Rent your own hosting space
  • Install, set-up, and configure your own software
  • Install all of your own upgrades
  • Backup and secure your own system
  • Do all of the above for each website created

Non-SaaS CMS products include open source content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal as well as some proprietary tools. All of these systems can provide value for a web designer, but they also place the burden of hosting, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and upgrading on the designer. In most cases, these tools even require a separate installation for each and every website a designer creates. This creates a large and growing burden, especially when one looks ahead and counts the cost of a growing and successful web design business.

Easy-to-Use vs. Support Intensive

The number one reason our customers prefer LightCMS is because it's easy to use, both for designers and clients. The result is less time to train and support clients and more time to build a web design business. Compare for yourself with a free account.

Dedicated Help vs. Do It Yourself

With professional resources, a user forum monitored by full-time staff, and a direct support email address, getting the help you need from LightCMS is simple and fast. Compare this to scouring the web for help with open source systems which can take hours and even days.

Exponentially Scalable vs. Limited by Resources

While maintaining a handful of Wordpress installations may not seem that daunting, managing ten, twenty, or even 100 separate client installations gets very labor-intensive. With LightCMS, you can manage hundreds, even thousands, of client websites with very little added workload.

Reseller Optimized vs. Made for Individual Sites

Most tools focus only on websites, but LightCMS is focused on helping your business succeed. With features like multiple website management, automated client billing, and setting your own pricing and profits, LightCMS offers clear advantages to your web design business.