Coming Soon: Build a Website AND an Online Store

For months we've been telling you we're working on something huge. It's so big, in fact, we've given it a code name: "Project Tuscany." Now, it's time for the big reveal. We're so excited about this we can hardly stand it. Project Tuscany's upcoming launch represents the biggest upgrade to LightCMS in its history. It's the culmination of years of planning and months of careful development. So what's so great about it? I'm glad you asked:

On June 8, 2011, we're adding powerful yet easy-to-use online store functionality to the LightCMS platform.

Revolutionary Interface

There are no confusing dashboards to navigate. With LightCMS, just browse your site as normal and drop the new "Product Listing" element into any region on any page with a click. One more click, and you'll be setting up your first product. Creating a store has never been so easy.

Robust Product Settings

Though extremely easy-to-use, the LightCMS online store offers powerful features. For each product, you can configure basic information, upload multiple images, create unlimited product variants with customizeable options, track product inventory, track weight for shipping, add product tags, and much more.

Seamless, Secure Shopping Cart and Checkout

The user experience for customers is managed by an intuitive, well-designed shopping cart and checkout process that's built into every site. SSL security is automatically ensured. Payment processing can be handled by PayPal, Google Checkout, or

Store Admin for Backend Management

While products can be added and edited right on your web pages as mentioned above, we also provide a complete store administration interface for backend management, bulk updates, and fulfillment. Through the various management screens you can:

  • Get an overview of store activity
  • Fulfill, cancel, and refund orders
  • Manage customers
  • Export customer email addresses
  • Perform batch changes to products and listings
  • Configure store settings
  • And much more

No Additional Monthly Cost!

That's right! The new online store functionality will be added to all paid LightCMS websites at no additional monthly cost (free websites will have access to store functionality in test-mode only). This means that all existing paid websites on the LightCMS system will instantly be able to implement the store. 

The only cost for using the LightCMS online store functionality is a 1% transaction fee (2% on the basic plan) in addition to any fees charged by the payment processor you choose, such as PayPal or

Plan Limits

The only limitation on the store functionality is the number of product SKUs you can have in your website's store. The SKU limitation for each plan level will be:

  • Basic - 100 SKUs
  • Plus - 500 SKUs
  • Advanced - 2,500 SKUs
  • Pro - 10,000 SKUs
  • Premier - Unlimited SKUs

Profit-Sharing for Rewards Members

Designers who qualify for LightCMS Rewards will receive up to 25% of the transaction fees collected from all websites under their account (12.5% of transaction fees for Basic plan sites and 25% of transaction fees on all other sites). This provides yet another source of passive income for designers who use LightCMS to build websites for their own clients.

Website Opt-Out

If you are a LightCMS designer, you will be able to control whether the store is available to each website under your account individually by visiting Website -> Settings -> Advanced Tab and looking for the "store access" setting at the bottom of the page. This setting will only be visible to account owners so you will have full control over store access for all websites under your account.

By default, store features will be added to all LightCMS websites at launch. However, we will be providing a way for you to tell us if you would prefer to have all of your websites opted out of store features at launch, thereby allowing you to opt them into the store individually. We'll be communicating further about how to elect this option in the next week or two so stay tuned.

Scheduled to Launch June 8, 2011

We're so excited to bring you this update. Our team is working hard on the final details and planning to launch on June 8, 2011. There is no scheduled downtime for this update. At the time of the launch, we'll also be unveiling a completely redesigned LightCMS website that will include new and improved help resources. More details on this and other store-related information to come, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and remember to follow @aLightCMSserver for fine-grained update details.



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