Church Spotlight: Council Road Baptist

These days, a church website is as vital as the church leaders themselves in growing and engaging the congregation and spreading God’s word.

Making its web presence a top priority, Council Road Baptist Church in Oklahoma City replaced its custom-built legacy site after realizing it could no longer meet their needs or the needs of its ministry after six years of use. Times were changing and the way in which people communicate and want to receive or find information was also changing…fast. It was time for them to make a change.

"A website is the church's voice and face for all to see, both members and visitors. The communication and presentation of your church website can make all the difference to someone who is seeking a church home or looking for resources in their community,” said Brad Mardis, Director of Communications at Council Road Baptist Church.

Council Road needed a web platform that was user friendly so that the church’s non-technical program leaders and volunteers could easily update the site as needed. They also required that the site be mobile optimized through responsive design so that its visitors could view it from whatever device they chose.

The organization looked at WordPress as an alternative but found it to be overly complex with a risk of crashing. They instead selected LightCMS’s cloud-based content management system for it met all of its needs, including having the responsive design capabilities that would allow the site to automatically adapt to whatever device accesses it, whether it be a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Council Road Baptist Church launched the new site with the help of LightCMS’s Professional partner, Collision Media, last Easter, 2013. Since launching, the new site has resulted in an 88% increase in the number of unique visitors to-date with gains in page views and average time on site.

To learn more about how Council Road Baptist Church is leveraging LightCMS to engage with and grow its congregation, read the full case study here. You can also take a look at other examples of church and ministry sites powered by LightCMS.