Case Study: Using JavaScript to Customize the Product Detail Page

Since the launch of our Online Store functionality this summer, it's been exciting for us to watch as the talented designers and developers who use LightCMS have begun to integrate our store functionality into their work. As we come across interesting uses of the store, we love to share them and talk about them. Of course, we never mention our designers' work publicly without their permission, and so we're grateful when we have the opportunity to brag on one of our customers for the work they have done.

Third & Grand Website Design

Sean Alsobrooks owns Third & Grand Website Design which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. His company has created several websites on LightCMS and is a member of the LightCMS Network.

Recently, we came across Sean's site for Risen Music Publishing, a Christian Music Publishing House also based in Knoxville. The Risen Music website is utilizing LightCMS's Online Store functionality with one very unique customization that caught our eye.

Adding Multiple Variants to Cart at One Time

By default, the LightCMS store allows a user to add one variant or product to their shopping cart at a time. But Sean had a different idea for the Risen Music website.

"Each product on the Risen Music website is really several different products," Sean explains. "Each song has different versions and up to 20 unique musical charts -- all of which needed to be purchased separately. So, we altered the cart javascript to allow for back to back cart requests to LightCMS's server, which required other updates (such as creating cookies ... etc.). In the end, we were able to change the drop down menus to checkboxes and enable customers to choose multiple product variants and add them all to the cart at the same time."

For an example of how this looks, see this product detail page on the Risen Music website.

Great for the Customer. Great for the Client.

Sean explains that his project had two goals. Naturally, the customer experience needed to be as streamlined as possible, the javascript modifications described above were a part of that goal. But also, the site needed to be very friendly for the client, who would be the one managing and updating the store. 

"It had to be simple to add/edit/delete products and the LightCMS store really helped make that possible," he says. "The client was really pleased with the outcome and has been very happy with the Store Admin area. LightCMS is a fantastic platform and it provided us a great base from which to get started on the Risen Music online store."

To the Possibilities

Certainly, this level of advanced customization isn't necessary on every website, but it's nice to see creative customizations like this one made when the project warrants it. We want to say thanks to Sean and his team for their great partnership and for allowing us to share this case study with you.

Have you created any LightCMS sites with interesting customizations you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below.