Case Study: LightCMS Powers Over 200 Websites for FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is the largest Christian sports organization in America. With over 900 staff and thousands of volunteers deployed in locally-focused areas across the United States, FCA has a great need to provide powerful and accessible tools to allow each local chapter to thrive in its community. 

That's why FCA turned to LightCMS. Over the past few years, FCA has deployed over 200 locally-oriented websites on the LightCMS platform, each individually built and managed by the staff and volunteers in that local community. We're excited to share with you a bit about how LightCMS has enabled FCA to successfully deploy such an ambitious online strategy.

Samples of FCA Sites

Q & A with Danny Burns of FCA

Please explain a little bit about how FCA uses LightCMS.

On-page editing makes it easy for our staff members to create their sites and manage their content.

FCA has over 900 staff around the country and over 200 individual local websites. The ability for our staff members to easily create and maintain their own website is incredibly important. We spent over a year looking at different Content Management Systems. Since our staff vary in technical expertise, we needed a system that was both easy for the novice but powerful enough for advanced users. LightCMS is that solution for us.

With LightCMS, our staff members can create great local area websites and maintain them on their own. If they want to partner with local volunteers, the system can accommodate the extra help. And if they want to create a completely custom look and feel with the help of local designers, they can! LightCMS allows FCA to ensure brand consistency. It also provides an affordable solution to local staff and it is constantly evolving to add more value to those within our organization.

How does LightCMS make things easier for FCA?

On-page editing makes it easy for our staff members to create their sites and manage their content. Unlike other systems, LightCMS allows a user to see the entire page and then manipulate its content without guessing how it’s going to look. The user interface is easy to use and easy to train to. 

The recent addition of the developer role was a very significant help for us. Now, our staff can be empowered to upload templates that we provide and customize them with the built in design editor. We don’t have to login to each website to ensure the latest template is live. Site owners can easily keep their sites up-to-date.

What are your favorite characteristics of LightCMS?

First, we love its flexibility. LightCMS has made it easy for all of our staff to maintain websites, regardless of their level of web experience. LightCMS's infrastructure allows seasoned designers to create websites just like they would outside of a CMS. The flexibility of LightCMS to adapt to its website owners is paramount for FCA.

Second, we love its continual innovation. The LightCMS team is constantly investing and deploying new enhancements and features to the product. We’ve even been able to submit feature ideas over the years and we have seen some of those come to fruition. We don’t have to worry about “falling behind” with LightCMS. LightCMS allows us to keep in stride with ever-evolving web technologies and strategies. Thanks to LightCMS our staff members can spend more time accomplishing their mission and less time maintaining their websites.

Anything else you'd like to include?

Knowing that we have the entire LightCMS team helping our team is huge.

The LightCMS support team has been a tremendous asset as we’ve grown to over 200 sites on the platform. Any questions or issues have been promptly handled. Knowing that we have the entire LightCMS team helping our team is huge. 

The fact that LightCMS is a fully-hosted solution has also been a great help to us. We simply don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to manage servers, systems or security. With LightCMS, we can go to bed at night and know that the safety and reliability of our websites are in trusted hands.

Lastly, we greatly appreciate the incentives through the LightCMS Rewards program. As a non-profit, every little bit helps and a little has quickly turned into a lot for us. Thanks to LightCMS for providing incentives for customers with significant investment in the platform.