Brand New Design Section Coming to LightCMS

We're continuing the roll out of design changes we began last month with a complete overhaul of the LightCMS Design Section. This release presents a stunning user interface that makes managing your designs so much easier. The update paves the way for the new Developer Role (coming soon) which will permit account owners to allow users of their choosing to access the Design Section controls.

Manage Designs With Fewer Clicks

The new Design Section is an extension of the LightCMS top toolbar that allows you to access and modify design settings while still previewing your live site content below. It saves clicks when performing most every design-related task, and it makes previewing your site with new designs a breeze.

Categorized Templates for Easy Access

The Design Section will present all of our built-in templates organized neatly into categories. Choose a category and scroll through the visual options presented. Then use the simple menus on each design to download, apply, or edit through the new Design Editor or the Source Editor.

My Designs = Collection

One important change you'll want to note is that what we have thus far referred to as "My Designs" will now be referred to as "Collection." So, look for your "Collection" in the new Design Section to locate all the designs you've previously applied to your website. Whenever you edit a design, even if that design is in the gallery, it will automatically be added to your Collection in the background.

All the other functionality of the current Design Section is still intact and very intuitive to access. In fact, you'll be able to perform most if not all functions with fewer clicks than before.

Scheduled for Launch

This release is estimated to launch on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at approximately 10am CDT (GMT -5). Just as a reminder, only account owners are able to see the Design Section, so this update will not affect your clients. In a future phase, we'll be rolling out the new Developer Role, which will allow you to grant access to the Design Section to users of websites under your account, if you so choose.

We look forward to bringing you these exciting new updates, and many more to come!