Big Infrastructure Upgrades On the Way

Just last month we launched the biggest feature upgrade in the history of LightCMS when we rolled out the online store. Today, we're announcing the biggest technology infrastructure upgrade in LightCMS history. These upgrades will be rolled out in several phases over the next few weeks.

Storage and Performance Enhancements

The problem with technology infrastructure upgrades is that they're just not very flashy. Certainly not as exciting as a whole new store solution. But nonetheless, this is a big upgrade. It's something our team has been working on for nearly two years behind-the-scenes while still cranking out all kinds of great new features. Now it's time to bring these long-awaited improvements online.

The best way we can describe this upgrade is to say it will greatly improve the system's performance and storage solutions. Even though LightCMS is one of the fastest-running platforms around, we are never satisfied and always working to improve our system's responsiveness. This upgrade will make great strides in that regard and, as a result, you may notice even faster performance for websites running on LightCMS following the upgrade.

Similarly, our hosting infrastructure is extremely secure and redundant, but we're never satisfied to stay where we are. This upgrade adds even more security and redundancy and keeps LightCMS ahead of the curve with regard to reliability.

Finally, this upgrade sets us up for continued improvements and expansion in the future. Our wheels are always turning with new ideas and this is a foundational step toward implementing more of our long-term goals.

The Roll Out Plan

We're breaking this upgrade into several phases and we want you to be aware of what's coming.

  1. Phase One. On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, we're performing a zero-downtime upgrade to the system to prepare for the next phases. This phase should result in modest performance improvements once complete.
  2. Phase Two. On Thursday, July 21, 2011, our data center will make changes requiring a four hour scheduled maintenance window from 12:01 AM to 4:01 AM (CDT GMT-5). Though the window is four hours, our system will not be affected the entire time. Our best estimate of the impact is that during the window LightCMS websites will experience approximately 3-4 periods of downtime lasting less than 10 minutes each. The last time similar procedures were performed, the system experienced much less downtime than anticipated.
  3. Phase Three. The final phase has yet to be scheduled but will likely roll out sometime in the next couple of months. We'll provide more details about this phase as the time gets closer. This will be the final switch to our new hardware and, while we don't expect much if any downtime during this upgrade, we want to prepare for the possibility of having to revert in the middle of changes. Again, we'll provide more details on this soon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this process. As always, we're excited to continually bring you the best in new features and enhancements.