A look back at 2009

As 2009 draws to a close, I thought it would be fitting to reflect a little bit on what has been an amazing year for our beloved LightCMS. You may not fully realize it, but as a customer of LightCMS, you are building your web design business on solid ground. Our company has always operated and continues to operate debt-free with no outside funding. At the same time, we've seen phenomenal growth in 2009, bringing tens of thousands of users onto our CMS system.

Phenomenal growth

For example, the total number of paid websites running on LightCMS (not including free sites) grew by 236% in 2009. At the same time, the number of LightCMS resellers who have at least one paid website on our system grew by 180%. This shows us that not only have we seen a fantastic increase in the number of new resellers taking advantage of all that LightCMS has to offer, but those resellers are being fruitful, adding multiple paid websites to the system so that total websites is growing faster than total resellers. This is exactly the balance we want to see as it demonstrates that our resellers are putting their confidence in our system and adding more and more client websites to LightCMS.

Our rapid growth has also expanded the influence of LightCMS across all of the US and around the world. Recognition of our product has increased dramatically as we've had the opportunity to participate with several world-renowned conferences including SXSW in Austin, The Future of Web Design in London, and AdobeMAX in Los Angeles. At these events, we've enjoyed meeting with so many web designers and creative agencies from around the world and talking with them about LightCMS.

Expanding development

Supporting this growth has been an intensive commitment to development over the course of this year. Our development team ends the year with more coders on board than ever before. We've seen the results of this commitment throughout the year. We've added huge support for your web design businesses through reseller tools like the automated client billing system, the completely reworked account administration interface, and even more recently our deployable website sign-up element. All of these additions are steps along a path of solidifying LightCMS's position as an unmatched tool for supporting your web design business.

We've even added perks and incentives for you through our LightCMS rewards program and the LightCMS network. We've expanded our own philanthropic efforts and encouraged the efforts of others by partnering with our designer network through the Shine the Light program. To improve our communications, we've deployed a new LightCMS website, launched the all-new LightCMS blog and Twitter feed, and even created a status page to keep you informed of any system issues.

Whenever there is rapid growth, there are also obstacles to be overcome. We crossed over a huge obstacle this year as we deployed massive improvements to our hosting infrastructure. The significance of the improvements we have made in this area cannot be overstated. Our systems not only offer speed and stability at our current traffic levels, but are positioned to accommodate exponential multiples of our current system demands. Plus, we are equipped to easily and rapidly deploy any new hardware required as our system continues to grow.

Of course, we've added lots more stuff this year as well. Through the Fall Kickoff, we blazed through a list of often requested new features.

Our parent company, Element Fusion, has also been recognized for many awards and achievements. We've also reached a big milestone as we'll be celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2010. For more about Element Fusion, you can see our 2009 wrap up post on the Element Fusion blog.

Looking ahead

Looking back at all that has happened is fun and insightful, but we prefer to spend most of our time looking forward. 2010 is a new year and a new decade. We have big plans for the coming years and we have no doubt that LightCMS will continue to expand and grow its influence for years and years to come. We're thankful for all of you who make it possible for LightCMS to succeed. Here's to our continued partnership, new partnerships to come, and to a new year. May it be successful for you and for your business.