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    From the Frontline: Tips for Running a Design Agency

    We are in the business of helping designers and design agencies succeed and grow. This is precisely the reason why we launched the LightCMS Developer Program more than a year ago. The Developer Program enables designers and resellers to focus on what they do best in creating leading-edge websites with a standards-based platform that does not require special programming languages while offloading server maintenance, hosting and upgrades to us.

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    Evolve Creative Takes Flight with LightCMS

    Sarah Hokuf, the founder of Evolve Creative, a website design and branding agency, likes how LightCMS empowers web designers to showcase their creativtity in building websites with powerful visual impact. But Hokuf has also found that LightCMS also offers great flexibility on the technical development side of site creation. “WordPress developers might see LightCMS as simpler and want more advanced features, but I feel there’s nothing you can’t do in development with LightCMS,” said Hokuf.

  • 7 Tips for Hiring Top Design Talent

    Hiring is possibly the biggest growth opportunity for any web design company. The smaller the firm, the more each new person can contribute in terms of skill, contacts, professional image and team motivation. Of course, hiring a new person represents both potential income, possible risk and certain cost.

  • Run Your Design Business Without Giving Up Your Life

    Finding and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is a never-ending challenge for almost everyone. Finding that balance is especially difficult for those who run their own businesses, and if they aren’t careful, their businesses may have a tendency to run them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Seven Easy Steps to Setting Up a Web Design Business on LightCMS

    In nearly every circumstance, simplicity is better than complexity. Luckily for those in the web design business, LightCMS makes it very simple to start or grow your business with the new LightCMS Partner Platform. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get started.

  • New Partner Platform Helps Web Designers Grow Their Businesses Smarter and Faster

    We are very excited to share that today we officially announced our new Partner Platform for web designers, design agencies and resellers who want an affordable and easy-to-use CMS platform to build and grow their businesses. The new Partner Platform, offering our Unlimited website plan for only $19 per month (regularly $99 per month), enables designers and resellers to focus on what they do best — creating leading-edge websites with a standards-based cloud platform that does not require special...

  • Six Tips for Building a Successful Web Design Business Through Sales

    Even the most talented web designers must learn how to sell in order to get business.  For the majority of designers, however, it’s not a skill that comes easily. Fortunately, selling isn’t the mystical thing that many think it is. Sales is a process which, if followed religiously, will bring in leads and convert some percentage of those leads into clients.  Your specific process will depend on factors such as time and the staff you have available.

  • Close More Web Design Business with Winning Proposals

    When you’re competing for a new web design project, what goes into your proposal? Does it address the client’s specific needs, your unique expertise and what you can do to help them? Or is it a quick menu of your standard services offerings?

  • Six Pricing Strategies to Fit You and Your Web Design Clients

    As a web designer, you face an ongoing challenge when it comes to pricing your services. That is, creating pricing that is amicable for the client but also protects your business. Establishing an effective pricing strategy that is fair for everyone can be difficult.

  • Five Ways to Grow Your Design and Ad Agency

    If you're like many creative professionals in a design business, you're probably not as focused as you should be on growing your company. You'd rather work on your next great design than call former customers to ask for a referral. But without those calls and referrals, the business won't last long.