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  • Case Study: Wild Ink Press Brings Letterpress Craftsmanship to LightCMS

    For those of us who spend our lives in the world of web development, the old-school charm of a business centered around printing on one-hundred-year-old presses may seem both curious and refreshing. So, when we came across such a business using LightCMS to promote and sell their beautiful products, we were intrigued and excited to spread the word about their work. Fortunately, Wild Ink Press was kind enough to oblige our request for an interview. I hope you'll take the time to learn about t...

  • LightCMS Integrates Two New Payment Processors: Stripe and Payflow

    The LightCMS store just got even better. We've added two new payment processors to the mix, giving you and your clients even more options when it comes to how you receive payments through your store. Take a look at what's new below.

  • Get Your Own Web Designers are Sexy T-Shirt and More On the All-New LightCMS Store

    A few years back, in preparation for our first visit to SXSW, we came up with our very first "Web Designers are Sexy" T-shirt. It was a simple concept, designed to express LightCMS's true affinity for web designers. After all, it is, in our humble opinion, the world's best CMS for said web designers.

  • New Feature: Carrier-Calculated Shipping

    Earlier this week, we released an exciting new feature to the LightCMS store that we know you are going to love. We wanted to take a minute to give you the details, so take a look at what's new below. Carrier-Calculated Shipping for Your Store You can now tie-in with Fedex, UPS and USPS to have your store calculate shipping rates in real time.

  • Case Study: Using JavaScript to Customize the Product Detail Page

    Since the launch of our Online Store functionality this summer, it's been exciting for us to watch as the talented designers and developers who use LightCMS have begun to integrate our store functionality into their work. As we come across interesting uses of the store, we love to share them and talk about them. Of course, we never mention our designers' work publicly without their permission, and so we're grateful when we have the opportunity to brag on one of our customers for the work they ha...

  • New Resource: Online Store Video

    Today we're releasing a brand new white-label video resource that you can use in promoting the CMS to your own clients. This video gives a quick overview and demonstration of the new Online Store functionality that's built right into LightCMS. Check out the new video below: This video joins our collection of white-label videos that have always been available for you to use.

  • New Store Feature: Discount Codes

    Today we're releasing a major new addition to the LightCMS Store -- Discount Codes! This feature is already live and running inside your LightCMS account. To set up discount codes, log in to your site and click Store on the top toolbar, then select Settings -> Discount Codes.

  • Updates Coming to Reseller Marketing Scripts

    As part of our free designer program, LightCMS offers a selection of marketing scripts which can be used on your own website to promote the CMS. Two of these scripts, the features script and the pricing script, will be receiving updates related to the addition of the LightCMS online store. Usually, we make updates to these scripts behind the scenes without any announcement, but because these are more significant changes, we wanted to give you a little advanced notice.

  • New Design Themes for Ecommerce

    While developing our online store, we also developed some great free designs that are specifically intended for Ecommerce. These designs have: Layouts built specifically with an online store in mind Product detail pages for customized product display Shopping cart tokens coded into the HTML As with all of our free designs, you can use them as is, resell them as is, or customize them for you own needs for free — as long as you use them on LightCMS. If you’re the kind of person that likes to see a...

  • The Big Launch

    The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived — your complete, fully-integrated online store is here! And while that development alone is huge, it's not the only thing we're launching today. Allow us take a moment to go over some of the great things we've released and what we're planning for the future.