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  • Seven Easy Steps to Setting Up a Web Design Business on LightCMS

    In nearly every circumstance, simplicity is better than complexity. Luckily for those in the web design business, LightCMS makes it very simple to start or grow your business with the new LightCMS Partner Platform. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get started.

  • Responsive Web Design Techniques and Tips

    Your customers are coming to your website over a myriad of devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktops, and the range will likely grow as smaller devices and different sizes of screens come onto the market. To ensure that all of these devices can get full functionality from your site and that your team isn't wasting time creating multiple versions of your main site to accommodate each device, you need to integrate responsive design techniques into your web design. Responsive web design is a...

  • 7 Best Practices to SEO Like a Pro

    When prospects search for products like yours, do they find you or your competitors? Getting to the top of the search engine rankings seems like an impossible task to many marketing managers. But it's neither complicated nor expensive.

  • New Getting Started Video Now Available

    One of our most popular white-label videos, entitled "Getting Started Managing Your Website," has been updated to bring the visuals up to date with our recent interface changes. You can view the updated version of our Getting Started video below: Automatically Updated in Our Reseller Scripts If you use our reseller marketing scripts to share marketing content on your own sites, you won't need to update anything. The Getting Started video has already been swapped out with the new version in our R...

  • Updated Getting Started Video Now Available

    In case you didn't know, we offer several helpful videos about using LightCMS. Many of these videos are white-labeled, meaning they are designed for you to be able to share them with your own clients. One of our most popular videos, entitled "Getting Started Managing Your Website," has recently been updated to bring the visuals up to date with some of the changes recently implemented on the LightCMS platform.

  • New Resource: Online Store Video

    Today we're releasing a brand new white-label video resource that you can use in promoting the CMS to your own clients. This video gives a quick overview and demonstration of the new Online Store functionality that's built right into LightCMS. Check out the new video below: This video joins our collection of white-label videos that have always been available for you to use.

  • Our revamped network page

    The LightCMS Network page is one of the many ways we promote the work of our participating resellers. To participate, they simply need to be a member of our rewards program and to opt in through their account settings to be publicly promoted through us. And so the Network page has become a great tool for us to promote LightCMS resellers and web professionals familiar with the LightCMS system.

  • Important changes to reseller features and video scripts

    In case you didn't know, LightCMS provides free, unbranded marketing resources that designers can use to promote the CMS system to their own clients. We offer several unbranded video demos and tutorials, as well as scripts that can inject marketing content into your own websites. If you don't currently make use of these resources, be sure to check them out on our marketing help page.

  • Creativity and Inspiration: Take more pictures

    As designers we’ve all experienced those same dreaded moments when we're working on a design and hit a road block. Maybe it's been a long day, and your brain is just fried. Maybe you’ve already done three designs this week and you just don’t have anything left.

  • Start Using CSS3: RGBa and better shadows

    If you're like most designers, you've probably spent at least some time looking over the new features of "HTML5" and considering if or when you should switch over to it. Inevitably you're going to also run into the topic of CSS3. The changes can seem intimidating at first, but there are a lots of great reasons to start using the new features.