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  • Summer of Love this Week: Blog Pingbacks

    Another hot new release is rolling out today as a part of LightCMS's Summer of Love. We're bringing even more love to the blog element with blog Pingbacks, which launched this morning. Existing blog elements will have Pingbacks disabled by default so that nothing will change for current blogs.

  • Summer of Love this Week: Enhanced Mobile Support for Photo Galleries

    The Summer of Love train stopped briefly at the July 4th station this week, but we're roaring down the tracks again with the release of enhanced mobile support for all our photo galleries! What's New? Our photo galleries and product detail pages now support an upgraded lightbox overlay experience.

  • Summer of Love this Week: Improved Page Bar with Design Editor Access

    Things are heating up here at LightCMS headquarters. The temperature outside broke 100 degrees this week and the Summer of Love is in full swing. Today, we're bringing more love to the party with an update of the LightCMS Page Bar which includes one click access to the LightCMS Design Editor from any page on your site.

  • Summer of Love This Week: Blog Pagination

    Love is in the air. Can you feel it? This week we're bringing a whole lotta love to the LightCMS blog element with a very highly-requested feature we know you're going to love.

  • Summer of Love This Week: Separate Product Option Dropdowns

    The Summer of Love continues here at LightCMS and this time, it's our built-in store functionality that's getting a little love with new, improved ways to display your product options. Thus far, all product options have been combined into a single dropdown list on a product's detail page. So, if you have a shirt that comes in three colors and each color has four sizes, customers have to select from a single dropdown menu displaying every possible variant of the product.

  • Summer of Love This Week: Blog Pings

    As we mentioned a week or so ago, this summer is special for LightCMS. It's the Summer of Love — a summer full of new features for the LightCMS platform. And though it's technically not quite summer yet, we're kicking things off this week with a new release, scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th.

  • LightCMS's Summer of Love

    In the summer of 1967, tens of thousands of people descended on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco defining the hippie revolution during a season we now know as the Summer of Love. 45 years later, LightCMS is setting out to accomplish pretty much the same thing, except instead of all those people and the revolution and what not, we're going to be adding a ton of new features to our software. Welcome to LightCMS's Summer of Love!

  • Replace Background Images with the Design Editor

    Yesterday, we rolled out the last major piece of the LightCMS Design Editor — background image editing. We began phasing in the Design Editor a couple of months ago and this update marks the last phase of that rollout. For a refresher on the Design Editor itself, check out our previous announcement of the Design Editor.

  • Grant Access to Designs with the New Developer Role

    Another phase of our design area enhancement is rolling out this week. The Developer Role will allow LightCMS account owners to grant design-management capabilities to other users of their website. Businesses and organizations will be able to allow multiple staff members to have access to design controls.

  • Brand New Design Section Coming to LightCMS

    We're continuing the roll out of design changes we began last month with a complete overhaul of the LightCMS Design Section. This release presents a stunning user interface that makes managing your designs so much easier. The update paves the way for the new Developer Role (coming soon) which will permit account owners to allow users of their choosing to access the Design Section controls.