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  • New Features: 10 New Responsive Design Templates and More!

    Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added ten new, responsive designs to the LightCMS system. As always, these designs are available to be used on any LightCMS website at no extra charge. They are customizable through our built in Design Editor and advanced users can even download their source code to use them as starting points for their own designs.

  • New Feature! Sell Digital Goods with LightCMS

    We're excited to announce another major feature addition to the LightCMS platform. We're calling it Digital Goods and it's one of the features most requested by our LightCMS customers. We know you're going to love the seamless integration of Digital Goods with LightCMS's robust and simple-to-use online store functionality.

  • Announcing New LightCMS Plans with No User Limits and No Transaction Fees

    We're excited to announce some changes to the LightCMS pricing plans that we know you're going to love. These have been in the works for many months and we're pleased to finally bring them your way. There's a lot to cover here so please take a moment to read all the way through this announcement to discover everything that's new.

  • Introducing One-Step Credit Card Setup for Your LightCMS Store

    Ever since we introduced our store functionality in 2011, LightCMS has been working hard to simplify the challenge of accepting credit card payments on the web. Today, we're announcing another big step forward with one-step credit card set up through Stripe. It's no longer necessary to establish a merchant account outside of LightCMS.

  • New Feature: Twitter Card Integration

    Twitter recently released a new opportunity for website owners to enhance the way their content is displayed when it is shared on Twitter. It's called Twitter Cards and today we're announcing automated integration of Twitter Card tags for every website on the LightCMS platform.

  • Facebook Comments Integration and Magic Drop Expansion

    We're excited to tell you about a couple of new features that went live today. First, we've added built-in support for Facebook Comments to our blog platform. Second, we've expanded the capabilities of our own Magic Drop technology, released last month.

  • Introducing Magic Drop Technology

    Everyone loves magic, and we've got a new trick of our own to share with you today. We're calling it Magic Drop Technology and it's live and running on your LightCMS website right now. Drop Files.

  • Recapping the Summer of Love 2012

    Back in May, we officially designated the summer season as LightCMS's Summer of Love, promising to deliver wave after wave of new features and to fill the world with immeasurable laughter and delight. Now the Summer of Love has come to an end and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished. We're still trying to determine if our levels of laughter and delight were truly immeasurable.

  • New Features: Disqus Comment Integration and More

    Cool winds are a-blowin' and summer is all but a memory now. Yet, we're still squeezing more features into the great Summer of Love before it winds down completely. On Tuesday October 9, 2012, we'll be adding a few new niceties to the platform.

  • New! Design Editor Improvements and Dynamic Body Classes

    This week, we've rolled out a couple new features we'd like to tell you about. One adds functionality to the built-in LightCMS Design Editor and the other adds options for those who code their own designs. Check out the details below.