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  • Replace Background Images with the Design Editor

    Yesterday, we rolled out the last major piece of the LightCMS Design Editor — background image editing. We began phasing in the Design Editor a couple of months ago and this update marks the last phase of that rollout. For a refresher on the Design Editor itself, check out our previous announcement of the Design Editor.

  • Grant Access to Designs with the New Developer Role

    Another phase of our design area enhancement is rolling out this week. The Developer Role will allow LightCMS account owners to grant design-management capabilities to other users of their website. Businesses and organizations will be able to allow multiple staff members to have access to design controls.

  • Brand New Design Section Coming to LightCMS

    We're continuing the roll out of design changes we began last month with a complete overhaul of the LightCMS Design Section. This release presents a stunning user interface that makes managing your designs so much easier. The update paves the way for the new Developer Role (coming soon) which will permit account owners to allow users of their choosing to access the Design Section controls.

  • The Design Editor: A Closer Look

    Today, I want to take a closer look at the new LightCMS Design Editor, which we began rolling out last week. The Design Editor offers the opportunity to make changes to the design of a LightCMS website without editing any code. The Design Editor works out of the box with all of LightCMS's built-in designs.

  • LightCMS Website v6

    Alongside the roll out of our new Design Editor, we've also launched a new version of the LightCMS website. We're very exited about the new site, which represents yet another big step forward for LightCMS's brand and marketing.  Of course, you may be reading this post on the new LightCMS website and, if so, you've already seen this new design, but if not, you can take a look at it in the screenshot below and at www.lightcms.com. Though much of our content remains the same in this version, i...

  • Introducing the New Design Editor

    Today, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking new addition to LightCMS — the new Design Editor. This new tool makes design customization accessible to everyone, even to web novices, with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing interface anyone can use. Using the new design editor, you can easily modify and customize any of our built-in website designs with simple to use tools.

  • Eight New, Free Designs added to LightCMS

    LightCMS offers a huge selection of freely available designs that are ready to use and can be applied to your LightCMS website with a click. You can also download the source files for these designs to use as starting points for your own work. To see all of our freely available designs, check out our design viewer.

  • Variations On a Theme

    As we've discussed in the past, it can sometimes be advantageous to base new designs on existing designs or themes. Naturally, this is a less time intensive approach than fully custom design and, as a result, it can allow designers to offer lower-priced services to companies or organizations who may not be able to afford fully-custom options. And while most would prefer completely custom work, good results can still be achieved when talented designers customize existing, quality designs.

  • LightCMS Case Study with Creatovision Design Group

    About Creatovision "Our vision is clear: We're quite simply a team of highly creative and experienced designers who focus on communicating your brand to the customer down the street or on the other side of the world." Location: Orange County, CA Website: http://www.creatovision.com/ Primary contact: Justin Juknelis Samples of Creatovision's work: Q & A How does LightCMS make things easier for your business? With LightCMS, we've been able to turn websites around much more efficiently tha...

  • Keeping Smaller Projects Profitable

    Earlier this week, I was with a friend who was setting up a site for a client of his on LightCMS. The client's budget was limited, and his needs pushed the limits of that budget. While a large portion of clients fit this description, it can be difficult to make a living off of time-consuming projects with low profit.