4 tips for web designers and resellers

Here are four quick tips for web designers and LightCMS resellers that can help you find new ways to increase your customer base and satisfaction.


It's easy to put the effort and energy into initially wooing a client. But once you've been victorious and sold them your web design, it's easy to lose track of maintaining that relationship. Despite your workload as a reseller, clients are easily impressed or turned away by your ability to follow through. While it's not a web design service in and of itself, follow-through can very easily be the difference between retaining and losing customers. 

Treating your existing clients as opportunities to passively spread the word for you is a great way to keep perspective. If you make sure that your client is taken care of, they will be less likely to leave you when confronted by other web designers or resellers. But it's also true that if your response times begin to lag, your clients will be more vulnerable to the energetic efforts of competing designers.

Be a resource

They say that any publicity is good publicity. In the same way, when a client needs something other than web design, you want to be the person that comes to mind. Practically, you don't want to offer everything unless that's your business model. But being the person your client looks to for references and resources is a great way to keep yourself on your client's radar. So don't be afraid to get familiar with others in your field that aren't direct competitors. Working loosely with other individuals or businesses that offer services complimentary to web design can be a great way to network and to ensure that they recommend you for jobs when you're asked who's good.

Stay in touch

So you've finished a web design project for your client ... now what? Don't let your client forget about you (but of course, don't nag your client either). If you offer multiple services beyond reselling, like logo design or social media help, consider putting together a newsletter with a personal feel that reminds clients of what you offer besides web design. Or with the holidays coming up, you could even send them a small gift or card to thank them for their business with you. Something small like this can help remind your clients that you're a real person ready to help. Reminding them of your other services can also expand who they refer to you.

Cultivate new skills

If you're struggling to make your web design business a sustainable income or are looking for some insurance to make sure that you stay competitive, consider spending time learning a complimentary skill. Maybe you're great with HTML but not so great at graphic design. Or maybe you get a lot of requests for logos but don't have the knack for it. Look at your competitors and find something that you can offer that they don't or perhaps pick up a skill they offer but you can't. Steadily increasing the breadth of your web-design abilities will help to ensure that no matter where you find yourself, you'll have the right tools for the job.

Are there helpful tips or advice that you've come across while doing design? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!