23 CSS3 resources for resellers

CSS Resources As a reseller using LightCMS, you’re free to implement the latest web trends in your designs with things like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We even encourage our web design resellers to do so. And to help you in your studies of these standards, we’ve put together this selection of external CSS3 tutorials and resources covering a wide range of topics. When creating this article, several of our own designers submitted their favorite online resources and those are included here. So, if you’re not thoroughly fluent in CSS3, take a moment to browse these links, work through the examples, and bookmark the ones you find helpful. 

The basics

These links were selected to help you become familiar with what CSS3 has to offer your web designs. As a reseller, you will definitely want to be familiar with the basics.

More advanced techniques

These resources highlight ways to creatively utilize CSS3 in your web designs. Get the most out of these websites by working through the examples and deepening your understanding of how the code works.

Navigation bars

These links help you create the navigation or menu bars that are perfect for your web designs. They utilize many different techniques, which is great as a reseller, giving your portfolio a more diverse and unique look.

Dealing with IE

The articles below offer help and assistance with graceful degradation so that your sites render in all browsers. As a reseller, you can strengthen your portfolio by following the popular design motto, “Build for the worst, design for the best.”

Online Tools

These sites provide awesome tools that you will definitely want to bookmark for reference later. They let you graphically customize the element you want and then spit out the code necessary to be used in your web design.

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