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  • What’s the Future of Web Design? Join Us in NYC to Find Out

    The LightCMS team is hitting the road again and heading to New York City next week for the 8th annual Future of Web Design conference taking place November 3-5 at New World Stages. Follow the Twitter conversation with hashtag #FOWD.

    If you are planning to go or thinking about going (don’t think about it…just go), we would love to meet up with you. During conference, we will be exhibiting and providing demos of our Partner Platform which can help take your design business to a whole new level. Check it out here:

    Please stop on by during your breaks from the awesome sessions, say hello, grab some schwag, enter to win an Xbox One, and while you are at it, learn how you can transform your design business just like these LightCMS design partners are doing.

    Collision Media Balances Style and Substance with LightCMS - http://www.lightcms.com/lightcms-story-collision-media

    Screen Four Creates Simple Solutions to Complex Problems with LightCMS - http://www.lightcms.com/lightcms-story-screen-four

    LightCMS Helps Steadfast Creative Lead with Design - http://www.lightcms.com/lightcms-story-steadfast-creative

    See you there!!

  • Winners of the Talented Wordsmith's Twitter Contest

    Our most recent "Web Designers are Sexy" t-shirt giveaway has ended, and as always, we had some great entries. This latest contest required entrants to craft a tweet expressing their love for LightCMS. The catch was that the sentence had to use one letter as many times as possible (such as in assonance or consonance).

    The Winners:

    And the three winners we chose for this Web Designers are Sexy giveaway are:

    Steve Wilson: Well-informed, wise Web workers wanting to wield wicked, wondrous, winning websites will willingly whoosh to @LightCMS. Word.

    Taenia: A CMS should be simple, sexy, supremely flexible and serve up some sweet design. So, salutations @LightCMS.

    Carlos R.: The night eight bigheaded higher-ups were caught in a tight fight, I got caught up, weighed their thoughts and brought light to their delight; they straightened up & used @LightCMS :)

    Honorable Mention:

    @enchantmenot showed us some love with this elated explosion of e's:

    extremely elegant and eloquent, expressive and envisioned, @LightCMS

    @ahhaweb generously submitted:

    @lightcms makes my mournful mundane Monday mornings more meaningful, more magical, more mysteriously mine.

    Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to send us a pic of yourself sporting the shirt for our gallery. And thanks so much to everyone else who participated. Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

  • Our favorites from the "Your Best LightCMS Design" contest

    The "Your Best LightCMS Design" contest (via lightcms.com/sexy) is over, and we've looked carefully at the entries to choose three of our favorite designs. All of the designs submitted were well done, and all of them will be eligible for display in the LightCMS Gallery. Plus, their designers are receiving our fabulous new "Web Designers are Sexy" t-shirt. But only three were chosen by us to be featured in this post. Check out the winners below. Remember, each of these sites is running on the LightCMS system.

    Fit for Life, designed by MinistryPixel.com

    This design has quite a bit going for it. The bright, clean portrait at top makes the page look professional and inviting. The color scheme is very cohesive overall and plays wonderfully off the logo, imagery, and content of the site. Its organization is clean and the varied headers are used well. Really nice design.

    Do-It-Yourself SEO, designed by Arora Designs

    This design is a great example of a very clean eBook marketing site. It's clean, crisp, and well-organized. The organization here is key because it invites the visitor to actually read the content. The text utilizes various attractive header styles, a solid mixture of fonts and colors, and gutters wide enough to guide your eyes through the content.

    ChrisBorah.com, designed by Chris Borah

    Chris Borah's design is simple and clean, the colors are bright and attractive, and the font is crisp and easy to read. There's some great JavaScript being used on the page as well, which allows visitors to access more content without loading a new, separate page. One of my favorite aspects of the site is how responsive the controls are. You hit the toggle and instantly you have a quick, clean transition.

    This page is also a great example of how JavaScript can be used to extend a free site's three page limit.


    We hope you'll gain inspiration from these talented designers who are making the most of the LightCMS system. Thanks to all who participated in our contest. We will be hosting similar contests in the near future where you too can win the new Web Designers are Sexy t-shirt! Be sure to check out the WDAS homepage and to follow us through our blog, our Twitter, and our Facebook so you'll know when the next contest begins!

  • The new Web Designers are Sexy page and a brand new giveaway!

    New Light CMS T-shirtAs you've no doubt already heard, our Web Designers are Sexy t-shirts were recently redesigned to be sexier than ever. And in the same vein of making the best things in life even better, we've revamped the website for Web Designers are Sexy too! This new page is now the hub for information pertaining to our Web Designers are Sexy t-shirt giveaways, so be sure to bookmark it and check back frequently.

    So to celebrate the launch of the WDAS page redesign, we're also launching a brand new giveaway! What we want is for you to show us your absolute best designs that are on LightCMS. From the submissions, we will choose ten designers to win the new Web Designers are Sexy t-shirt! From those ten we choose three designers who will have their submitted designs featured in a special blog post on LightCMS. All submissions are also eligible to be added to the LightCMS Gallery.

    To find out how to enter and the rules of the giveaway, please visit the new Web Designers are Sexy page!

  • Sign up your friends and get the new Web Designers Are Sexy t-shirt!

    With the new look we've given to our Web Designers Are Sexy gear, we also want to provide you with a great opportunity to get it! You can't buy these shirts from any store. Nope, there's only one way to get one, and that's by performing random, astounding feats of awesomeness, like what we describe below.

    Starting today, December 1, you will be able to acquire one of our new Web Designers are Sexy shirts. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

    1. Be the proud owner of a LightCMS account. If you don't have one already, it's free to get one at http://www.lightcms.com.
    2. Get four friends who don't already have LightCMS accounts to sign up for their own, free LightCMS accounts, also at http://www.lightcms.com. Do this by December 15th, 2010.
    3. As your friends create their accounts, have them put your email address OR your Twitter handle in the promo code area (step 4 of the sign-up process) shown below. All four friends must use the same promo code and it must be either a valid email address or a Twitter handle so that we can contact you.

      web designer t-shirt

    4. Collect your free Web Designers Are Sexy t-shirt so you can can go forth and be sexy like this guy!

      T-shirt 2

    Details: This promotion will run for two weeks (until Wednesday, Dec. 15). All accounts must be created by 5:00pm CST on that day. If we find four accounts in our system with your email address or your Twitter handle in the promo code field, we will contact you at the email address or Twitter name with the details of fulfilling your prize. Important: all four friend accounts must use the exact same promo code.



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